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    Hi Jim,
    Can't seem to send you a private message via Yuku.  A few weeks ago you purchased the Doc Watson/Clarence Ashley book/CD set from me.  I was just going thru some CD envelopes and found the 2 CDs that may go with the book.  As I don't recall having an extra set, I may have spaced out including them in the CD case.  Let me know if you are missing them and I'll get right out to you with my apologies.


    Reply from ShortScaleJim:

    Weird. Oh well... I think I sent you an email about this but I may be wrong about that too. Anyway, I checked and yes, you're right. I got the case but not the actual CDs. Thanks for being on top of this. If you need my address info again just let me know.

    Many thanks,

  2. 02/24/13

    Hi Jim, email me at [email protected] and I'll forward the pics of the 85 Menkevich. Blessings, Bob